Edge Computer - Link to the original pre-installed distro?

Is it possible to download the original linux distro the edge computer came pre-installed with ?
And if yes - somebody got the link? :slight_smile:

Here is the latest FW for Edge computer, FW03.

This is now based on Debian 11, with pre-installed portainer.


Also have FW2 here at https://www.wagonorgesupport.com/ and dropbox->firmware.


I have tried to install the original distro and it completes successfully. But the edge computer will not boot from it (can’t find any bootable drive after shutdown and power on). Tried the install twice to make sure nothing went wrong the first time.

I followed the instructions but the only difference for me is that there are no UEFI-Modus option available when choosing the usb stick during boot. Could this be the problem? If so, what could be the reason for the missing UEFI for the usb stick? Both usb sticks was made on a mac.

Creating the Clonezilla usb using a win10+Rufus did the trick. Then it was detected as UEFI as well. After that the install went well and it boots as normal

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