Electricity meter from module 750-494 (Power Measurement)

Could you tell me if there is any way I can make a counter from the 750-494 module?
I’m interested in ready-made power counting libraries.
I think there have been similar tasks before, the modules count current and voltage.

Check the sample project for the library WagoAppPowerMeasurement.
You can get the sample project inthe download center, in the Learning material area.

Once you’ve download it you can install using CODESYS Installer.
You’ll see a new tab in CODESYS.

Look for WagoAppPowerMeasurement you’ll find several example on how to retrieve data from the 750-494.

Curious about Download Center menu option, does it just open the web page?
I only have the Sample Projects link…

Yes it just open the Download Center.
But the add-on is much useful, it adds the WAGO repo to the CODESYS Configuration, it can then automatically download missing device descriptions or libraries.

Take a look to Download Center add-on :wink:

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Getting the data I’ve seen. But I have not seen an example where the value in kilowatts per day or month is counted.