How To: Control IO Directly Over MQTT (PFC200/100)

Overview: For projects that are better served by Node-RED, Python, or any other modern MQTT compatible language there is an open source project that will unlock this capability. I have made a detailed YouTube video stepping through the process:

This is based on the Docker project: Docker Hub

Controller Compatibility: This API works on the PFC200 Generation 2 controllers using Docker or can run on the PFC200 Generation 1 or PFC100 directly on the host OS (this requires strict firmware 19).

IO Compatibility: All “simple” analog and digital IO modules are supported. Power measurement modules (750-494 and 750-495) are also working and stable. Specialty modules are being added based on priority.

Development: This project is open source and is available on GitHub (GitHub - jessejamescox/kbus-api-sandbox). If you are interested in contributing please contact