How to make docker start automatically

How to make docker start automatically, because now I have to start it manually.
I have a pfc200 g2.

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Which firmware version are you currently running?

Have you installed docker using WBM or directly from shell?

I strongly recommend using steps described here: GitHub - WAGO/docker-ipk: This repo contains static linked binaries of docker ce packed in linux ipk format.
This way docker is installed with all dependencies and starts automatically with PLC boot up.

Alternatively (although not recommended) docker would have to be added to services starting on startup, I believe it would be:

Creating (if doesn’t exist already) file “dockerd” in “/etc/init.d” folder and making a symlink in “etc/rc.d” folder like this:

“ln -s /etc/init.d/dockerd /etc/rc.d/dockerd”

Can confirm content of a file in case you don’t have the file in init.d directory.

Still, I strongly advise installing docker through WBM.

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