Read PFC200 IP address, mask and gateway in Codesys 2.3 application

Do you know if there is a library / other way to read the network configuration (IP, mask, gateway) in Codesys 2.3 application? And a method to read and write the network configuration to a file? I know that WAGO has a library for these needs in Codesys 3.5. However, the Codesys 2.3 will be the programming IDE here.

I found out that “ConfigToolFB” in WagoConfigToolLIB.lib should do the first work here. Just need to find out read/write a file.

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The Ethernet.lib also has such functions. (in the targets 32 bits)
To write a file, wagosysfile.lib can be useful.
There are also some interesting functions for csv/text files in the Oscat Network Libraries. (Opensource libraries online)