WAGO Automation Community Product and Feature Request Guidelines

A category dedicated to your suggestions for improving WAGO products. Share ideas, vote on proposals, and discuss enhancements. Your input directly shapes our product development.

WAGO Community Feature Request Guidelines

Welcome to the WAGO Community Feature Requests section! Here, you can propose new features, vote on existing requests, and discuss potential improvements with other community members. To ensure a constructive and efficient process, please follow these guidelines when submitting or discussing feature requests.

1. Check Existing Requests

Before submitting a new feature request, please search the forum to see if someone else has already proposed something similar. If you find a related request, feel free to add your comments and vote on it rather than creating a duplicate.

2. Submitting a New Feature Request

To submit a new feature request, follow these steps:

  • Title: Choose a concise and descriptive title for your request.
  • Category: Select the appropriate category for your request (e.g., IIoT, Smart Factory).
  • Description: Clearly and thoroughly describe the feature you are proposing. Include any benefits that the feature would provide and why it is necessary.
  • Use Case: Explain how this feature would be used. Provide scenarios to help others understand its potential impact.
  • Tags: Add relevant tags to help categorize your request and make it more discoverable.

3. Discussing Feature Requests

Engage constructively when discussing feature requests by:

  • Providing Constructive Feedback: Offer constructive criticism and suggest improvements if you think a feature could be enhanced.
  • Being Respectful: Respect others’ ideas and perspectives. Every suggestion is valuable and merits consideration.
  • Avoiding Spam: Do not spam the forum by repeatedly pushing the same request or flooding discussions with off-topic comments.

4. Voting on Features

Use the voting system to support feature requests. Votes are a key metric we use to prioritize new developments, so cast your vote wisely. Do not attempt to manipulate voting through multiple accounts or coercion.

5. Monitoring and Updates

Our product team regularly monitors the Feature Requests section. We may comment on requests to gather more information, provide updates, or explain our decision-making process regarding the development of a feature.

6. Transparency

We strive to be transparent about how we evaluate and prioritize feature requests. Decisions are based on factors such as community interest, product strategy alignment, and development resources.

Thank You for Contributing!

Your contributions help shape the future of WAGO products. We appreciate your ideas and engagement in making our solutions better.