8212 with 750-652 modbus trouble


I’m running a 8212 with a 750-652 module trying to talk to some modbus slaves. The communication HAS worked, but now it does’nt. I get the following errors from the FbMbMasterSerial function block:

153 ‘Error time out’
154 ‘Error while transmission → transportlayer can not transmit’

I have terminating resistor in both ends of the line.

When the communication was working, some LEDs where flashing on the module. Now LEDs A and E has steady light.

Any ideas on what could be wrong?


If you have e!COCKPIT version v1.10.0.1 or newer, could you please downgrade the version of the following libraries (Library Manager > Placeholders) and try again :

  1. WagoSysModule_75x_65x → v1.9.5.2 (instead of
  2. WagoTypesCom → v1.6.1.3 (instead of v1.6.2.0)

Let us know if it’s solve your problem.

Seems like this solved the problem. I have had it running now for two weeks without problem