Accessing Meta-deta of a network variable and passing to sparkplug B

Hello, how to pass the value of a variable inside the network variable receiver node to another function node to see the dynamic values changing on ignition designer. Is there any extraction should be done on the netvar-receiver node to get that specific variable? Please help. Thanks

Hello, The netvar receiver should payload should contain all the values passed from the PLC in an array. You would have to write a function to create the sparkplug birth message yourself.

If you could post the debug of the output of that node, it would help to understand what might be going wrong in your flow.

Here is a tutorial for more details of how that node works.

Full disclosure: I am the developer of the node-red-contrib-netvar. Someone forked my work and added more functionality that you might find useful. It is called node-red-contrib-nvl

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