WAGO PFC with ignition MQTT


Can anyone guide me on how to change values of network variables in ecockpit via Ignition designer and what methodology i should follow? i already have a MQTT broker server set up but just not sure what i can configure on Node-red side and the ecockpit to send the data from ignition to the WAGO PFC200. (For ex. changing a digital output via a tag in ignition). Please let me know.


I am not aware that Ignition supports network variables (on Codesys, e!COCKPIT, etc…). It is common to use OPCUA for this and I believe it is also possible with MQTT. Some lite instruction on using OPC can be found on YouTube Install and Run Ignition Edge on WAGO Edge Computer - YouTube or using MQTT and Sparkplug : IIOT: PFC200 Generation 2 Ignition + Sparkplug B - YouTube

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If you want to use Ignition with WAGO PLC’s, OPCUA is another option.