Configuring 750-450 Module in Codesys 3.5


Is there documentation on how to configure the 750-450 module in Codesys 3.5?

WAGO I/O Check can configure this module easily however, the goal is to have a Codesys 3.5 program using the 750-450 configuration library so the program can be implemented on multiple repeat systems.

Any support is greatly appreciated.


Good afternoon, I don’t understand from the text what difficulties you encountered? Can’t add a module to the program tree?

There is a library WagoSysModule_750_450
It has two blocks:

  • FbModule_750_450
  • FbModule_750_450_dynConfig
    I think you will find everything you need there.

Hi Tomas,

Thank you for responding.

We were unable to find any supporting documents for the 750-450 Function Block.

We attempted to build the 750-450 configuration method st code. However, we were unable to get it to actually work.

Do you have a working sample project in Codesys 3.5 or an application note you can provide?

Best Regards,

I don’t have a project and I don’t have a module. I think if I had a module I could make an example. In general, there is a short description in the library manager. Have you tried getting information from there?

Yes, we followed along with the provided information.

There are 2 options:

Which would you choose?

When we attempted to use the following CASE example we received errors one of which was that eServiceState.Done is not defined in the system.

Here is an example for a 451:

	usiChannel_451						: USINT (1..WagoSysModule_750_451.WagoTypesModule_750_451.MAX_CHANNEL_451) := 1;
	xGetRawChannelConfiguration_451		: BOOL := TRUE;
	utRawChannelConfiguration_451		: WagoSysModule_750_451.WagoTypesModule_750_451.typRawChannelConfiguration;	// here also an array can be defined to configure the channels differently if necessary
	ogetError_451						: WagoSysModule_750_451.WagoSysErrorBase.FbResult;
	xSetRawChannelConfiguration_451		: BOOL;
	osetError_451						: WagoSysModule_750_451.WagoSysErrorBase.FbResult;
	osetstatus_451						: ARRAY[1..WagoTypesModule_750_451.MAX_CHANNEL_451] OF WagoSysErrorBase.FbResult;
	ogetstatus_451						: ARRAY[1..WagoTypesModule_750_451.MAX_CHANNEL_451] OF WagoSysErrorBase.FbResult;
	eServiceState_451_Get 				: WagoSysModule_750_451.WagoTypesModuleBase.eServiceState;
	eServiceState_451_Set				: WagoSysModule_750_451.WagoTypesModuleBase.eServiceState;
	mySensorType						: WagoTypesModule_750_451.eSensorType := WagoTypesModule_750_451.eSensorType.Pt1000_EN60751_01;
	xError								: BOOL;
	xInit_451							: BOOL;

IF NOT xInit_451 AND NOT xError THEN
	eServiceState_451_Get := _750_451_16.GetRawChannelConfiguration(		
												usiChannel:= usiChannel_451, 
												xTrigger:= xGetRawChannelConfiguration_451, 
												utRawChannelConfiguration:= utRawChannelConfiguration_451, 
												xError=> xError, 
												oError=> ogetError_451);
	CASE eServiceState_451_Get  OF
			WagoTypesModuleBase.eServiceState.DONE : // OK
					xSetRawChannelConfiguration_451 := TRUE; // trigger write                           
					utRawChannelConfiguration_451.Settings.eSensorType:= mySensorType;    //Change sensor type                  
				(*	....
						 process here your utRawChannelConfiguration 
				    	 possibly also with an array if the 		
					    channels are TO be set differently. *)
			WagoTypesModuleBase.eServiceState.ABORT : // Error
				// process here your error handling -> see oError for more information
				ogetstatus_451[usiChannel_451] := ogetError_451;
				xError := TRUE;
	eServiceState_451_Set := _750_451_16.SetRawChannelConfiguration(		
												usiChannel:= usiChannel_451, 
												xTrigger:= xSetRawChannelConfiguration_451, 
												utRawChannelConfiguration:= utRawChannelConfiguration_451, 
												xError=> xError, 
												oError=> osetError_451);
	CASE eServiceState_451_Set OF
			WagoTypesModuleBase.eServiceState.DONE : // OK -> new configuration is written
				xGetRawChannelConfiguration_451 := TRUE;
				osetstatus_451[usiChannel_451] := osetError_451;
				usiChannel_451 := usiChannel_451 + 1;
			WagoTypesModuleBase.eServiceState.ABORT : // Error -> not able to write -> see oError
				// process here your error handling for write -> see oError for more information
				osetstatus_451[usiChannel_451] := osetError_451;
				xError := TRUE;
		// all modules changed?
	IF usiChannel_451 > WagoSysModule_750_451.WagoTypesModule_750_451.MAX_CHANNEL_451 THEN
		xInit_451 := TRUE;
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