Configuring 8-Channel ECB (787-1668) in Codesys 3.5


Is there sample code for configuring the 8-Channel ECB (787-1668) in Codesys 3.5?

Any support is greatly appreciated.


Take a look to WagoAppFuse library.
There is a sample project in the Sample project package but only for IO-Link. For Manchester you just need to connect the digital I/Os to the FB.

We got the ST Function Manchester code running in Codesys3.5.

We experience an estimated 30sec lag between activation and reading channel status. Is this to be expected?

Also, we were not able to read the channel current even though the function code provides this variable option and the firmware supports it. Is this possible?


The time depends on the FB you use.
There are 2 frames.
A “short” frame with can be read within seconds. You just get the channel status (not the current or setting). (Fb787_2_166X)
A “long” frame where you can get everything. (Fb787_2_166X_ReadCurrent)
If you want to be fast use the short frame. You can use periodically the long frame to get the current status, but you can’t use both FB in the same time.
The xDisplaySettings can be used to define if you want to read Current setting or value.
Which ECB part-number do you use ?
As far as I know only ECB with active current limitation supports current read.