Couldnt read data from Autonics ARIO-C-MR using PLC WAGO Edge Controller through Modbus RTU RS485

Hello, can somebody help me. I try to read data from sensors using Codesys 3.5 which are connected to I/O module using PLC WAGO Edge Controller. They are connected through Modbus RTU RS485.

utQuery : typMbQuery := ( bUnitId := 1, // Slaveaddress
bFunctionCode := 16#04, // read input registers
IIdentifyObject := myBaseIdentification, // only needed for FC43
uiReadAddress := 2000, // Startaddress
uiReadQuantity := 10, // Quantity of wanted registers
uiWriteAddress := 0, // not needed for FC4
uiWriteQuantity := 0, // not needed for FC4
awWriteData := [124(0)] // not needed for FC4

Unfortunately, i couldnt get the data but when i tried using modbus poll, the data can be displayed. Thank you for your help.

Hello, have you tried using the Modbus configurator?

Hi, sorry for the late reply. The problem has been solved. It seems that the main problem is the cable RS485. After we change the cable, the data can be read.