Display one webvisu inside another webvisu?

Is it possible to embed one controller’s webvisu into the webvisu or target visualization of another controller? I would like to pool visualizations in some sort of tile configuration.

apparently it is: In order to display one webvisu (following named Target) in another webvisu (following namend Master) the following steps must be taken:

  1. Go to the Target and Master WBM and open the same http/https ports in Ports and Services (Best practice: Open just http or https)
  2. Log in to the Target using FTP (e.g. WinSCP, name: root, password: wago) and navigate to the folder /etc/lighttpd
  3. a) Open the files “mode_http.conf”, “mode_http+https.conf” and “mode_https.conf” and remove the line
    setenv.add-response-header += (“X-Frame-Options” => “SAMEORIGIN”)
    This will allow anyone to display the visu in a frame
    b) (just if needed)
    Change the line to setenv.add-response-header += (“X-Frame-Options” => “SAMEORIGIN”)
    to "ALLOW_FROM insert ip adress of pc " to allow acces with frames from this PC.
  4. Restart the Target
  5. In the Master webvisu call the Target in the webbrowser element with http:// or https:// according to 1)
  6. Call the Master webvisu in the browser with http:// or https:// according to 1)

This is the same workflow if you want to embed the visualization in a Grafana Text Panel.
You need also to set the parameter “-e GF_PANELS_DISABLE_SANITIZE_HTML=true” when creating the Grafana container.