e!Cockpit program: TP600 screen freezes up when opening a webvisu page

@ChrisB and myself are having an issue where we if we tap a button to open a new page that hosts a webvisu, then the TP600 screen locks up for several minutes ( it freezes on the HMIs main screen, after tapping the button to open the webvisu page.)

We’ve double checked the URL and that seems correct, but I suspect we don’t have a setting correct. Any ideas or obvious settings we are missing? Anything we need to enable on the HMI’s webpage?

HMI is a TP600 7" PIO3. I’m not sure they are helpful to anyone here, but the webvisu element’s properties are in the screenshot below. Let me or @ChrisB know if you need anymore info.

webvisu element properties:
webvisu settings

Hi,Which fw is in use?

Have you been able to check the log messages yet?

Either via e! C View → Device messages or the file /var/log/runtime.log
you are using the TargetVisu, right?