Docker for HMI on PFC200


I would like to install an HMI server on my PFC200 using Docker. The container is created with Docker compose.

So far I have already failed to install the libatomic library. I have received this information from the supplier:

As the error message indicates, libatomic is missing on your system.
Depending on which package manager is used in the proprietary Linux distribution, you can probably install it like this

apt install {package name}
apk add {package name}
yum install {package name}
zypper install {package name}

Please note that the package name does not necessarily have to be “libatomic”, as the manufacturer of the distribution has the freedom to name it as they wish. On Debian-based systems, for example, it is called “libatomic1”.

Another note: You must also specify the parameter “–runas root” when starting the License Agent as root - it would be better if the License Agent ran under a different user.

The error message reads:
root@PFC200V3-4B274D:~ /media/server/opt/webiq/license_agent -h
/media/server/opt/webiq/license_agent: error while loading shared libraries: lib cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I have no idea how to install the library. The contributions from the forum did not help me. Can someone please help me?


Not sure if this is useful, but here is another post where libatomic was installed (on a CC100 but should be the same for PFC200).


Thank you very much. Wago Support Switzerland has already been able to help me based on your information.
I was able to install the libatomic library successfully.

Download the libatomic file:
Run the following command to download the libatomic package file for Debian:

This will download the libatomic1_13.2.0-10_armhf.deb file to the current directory.

Verify the download:
After the download, check the file in the current directory:

ls -l

Unpack the Debian package:
Unzip the .deb file to access the files it contains:

ar x libatomic1_13.2.0-10_armhf.deb

Unpack the data archive file:
Then unpack the file data.tar.xz:

tar xvf data.tar.xz
Copy the libatomic library:
Copy the file to the /usr/lib directory:

cp usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/ /usr/lib
Make sure that the path to is correct.

Clean up:
Delete the downloaded .deb file and other files that are no longer needed:

rm libatomic1_13.2.0-10_armhf.deb
rm data.tar.xz

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