Docker ipk-builder

There is more than one way to create an ipk-file but want to remind you of our docker ipk-builder.

Very Quickstart:

  1. Create two folders and give them a name e.g. “source” and “destination”.

  2. Inside the “source” folder create a new folder named “data” and “control”.

  3. Copy your sourcefiles to “source/data” folder.

  4. Inside the “control” folder create a file called “control”.


    Package: my-first-package
    Version: 1.0.0
    Architecture: armhf
    Maintainer: “your_name <your_email>”
    Description: support for arm 32 bit
    Priority: optional

  5. In the “source” folder create a file named “debian-binary” with the content “2.0”.

  6. Update your paths in the docker run command and execute, then find the .ipk in the “destination” folder.

  7. Install in WBM → software uploads (or by SSH → “opkg” command).