Install GIT to CC100

I am looking to install GIT to CC100, just need a minimal install to be able to clone repositories as a way of updating custom websocket servers and users interfaces.

I am trying to find an ARMv7l prebuilts for git but have not been successful and there are no make tools on the cc100 or the pfc200 to build git from source.

Any help is appreciated.

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Hey @mattkelly ,

Have you try to use a Docker image for this purpose ?

I’ve not tried on my own, but the handling should be very similar to standard git command.
It’s an alpine based image so it takes only a few megabytes.

To install Docker on CC100 : GitHub - WAGO/docker-ipk: This repo contains static linked binaries of docker ce packed in linux ipk format.


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This is a great idea, docker skipped my mind.

Is there a way to install the ipk file through ssh, I am trying to run a hands free install?


Nevermind, I can use the opkg command line installer.

Of course you can use opkg inside your shell script :wink:
You can also download it directly from the repo :

curl -L -o /tmp/docker_20.10.5_armhf.ipk

and then

opkg install /tmp/docker_20.10.5_armhf.ipk

Thanks, this has worked perfectly. I need to remember that docker is available.



Just thought I might share something with regarding the GIT container.

I needed to add “–security-opt seccomp=unconfined” into the command to get internet access, otherwise all of the connections timed out.


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