Edge Computer - Boot error after power loss

Just wanted to check if some of you also experienced boot problems after a power loss on the Edge Computer? This is the second time this happens - on two different Edge Computers.

Both has been running original firmware (debian) and both with an extra ssd installed. The first time I was able to get it booting again after removing the extra ssd, but this time it seems like the boot system is corrupted.


I Managed to get the Edge Computer booting again. The problem was on the extra ssd and because of that the system would not start. The power loss had messed up the ssd structure.

Here’s how I fixed it.

Removed the ssd and connected it to my mac running parallels and a ubuntu vm using a sata to USB adapter.

Then I followed this guide:

Scroll down to the part that says “Recover superblock on ext4 filesystem”

sudo parted -l
sudo mke2fs -n /dev/xxx
sudo e2fsck -b xxxxxxx /dev/xxx

Hopefully this may help others that end up in the same disk limbo!

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Hello Thomas,
Edge Computer is a computer and not a PLC, it’s linux system is not power loss resistant and may be corrupted.
I highly recommend the use of a UPS (Unless you found the way to have the OS in read only and make it power loss safe)

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To avoid this kind of behavior I once made a python script to monitor the PRO 2 power supply status and to give enough time (thanks to a capactive module) to shutdown “properly” the Edge computer.
The only drawback is that there is no way to boot up the Edge computer after :smiling_face_with_tear:.
(It would be nice that the PRO 2 could send Wake On Lan frames)

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Awesome! Will implement that. I guess a controlled shutdown will override if the jumper for “always” on is set, even if it detects that the power is available again? I have my Edge Computers set like that - always on.

Edit: Read the script info and see now that the capacitive module is the reason that it will not boot before it is empty and the power resumes

Yep, I know but I haven´t had any problems with this since ssd was introduced. Back in the days with computers/servers running running hdd this was a pain in the a** and we had to use UPS.

Quick questions regarding this solution :slight_smile:

The modbus-module on the PRO2 will have enough power during a power loss to change the status of the 1282 modbus register ?

You run a separate LAN cable between the communcation module in addition to a LAN cable directly to a switch so the Edge Computer itself is able to get a Gigabit connection for docker etc ?

As far as I know, wake on “power restore” can be configured in the BIOS (Power on = AT mode), or by using a DIP switch on the motherboard so that the product is automatically switched on when power is available (AT mode).

Yes as far as I remember the PRO2 has enough time to change the register.
I’ve not thing about the Gigabit interface but yes you should probably use a Gigabit switch in between not to downgrade the link speed.

Yes you can configure AT mode but it isn’t helpful since the capacitive module isn’t completely empty. When the PRO 2 is supplied again unfortunately it won’t boot by itself…

Testet it last night and it got 2-3 seconds before the module looses the connectivity. I am running home assistant directly on the edge computer and made an automation that starts the shutdown when the modbus changes it state. The only problem now is that home assistant do not like modbus scans faster den 5 sec so I need to find another workaround.

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I’m not sure if its exactly the same for the 9401, but for the 9800:

AT mode means, that the device will boot at all times after power connecting.
(For 752-9800: Chipset → PCH-IO Configuration → State After G3 → S0 state )

ATX mode means you have to push the power button to start the device.
(For 752-9800: Chipset → PCH-IO Configuration → State After G3 → S5 state)

Last state means that the last state is remembered. If the product has been shut down correctly, the product must be started up with the power button. However, if the power supply was interrupted, the product will start when the power supply is restored.
(For 752-9800: Chipset → PCH-IO Configuration → State After G3 → Last state)