J1939 with 750-658

Good day everyone.
Is someone allready did a project with a wago 750-658 and codesys 2.3 to read datas from a john deere generator ecu.
I need to extract datas like rpm oil pressure cool temp etc for reading on a monitoring system;
I did some tries with no success and need your help.
By using iocheck, I can read from generator in sniffer or transparent mode only two can id (1cecff00 and 1cebff00).
By using can gateway library (and sample st program) I can read data.
But I cant read anything else when I treid to change canid to change pgn to read.
I saw a kurt braun video on youtube who is exactly what I need (his fonction bloc) but not able to understand more what is wrong for me.
Thank you for your Help.
With best regards

Hello, You will likely need to use J1939 library to read the desired PGN’s. Can you confirm your generator supports that protocol?

This project is about 10 years old, but hopefully it will still build fine for you. I hope it is helpful.
CAN658 J1939 Read v01.pro (112.5 KB)
J1939_Read Function Block Example.docx (331.6 KB)

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I have this project which is maybe newer and easier to use (this is also a personal point of view).
CAN658 J1939 Read Write v03.pro (163.8 KB)

Thank you very much for answering and sharing.
Worked at the first try .
Best regards and thanks a lot for helping!
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