Setting the IP address of the 752-9800 i7 Edge Computer

The 752-9800 ships with DHCP and Static IP disabled. This tutorial will explain the steps to get the device’s networking configured.

Using a keyboard and monitor attached to the Edge Computer, you will be prompted to log in (root/wago). Because networking is not configured, ssh will not be possible to do these steps initially. You will be prompted to change the default password at the first log in.

  1. type:

nano /etc/network/interfaces


  1. Here is the default configuration file you should find;

  2. To enable DHCP for X1 (enp2s0) and Static IP for X2 (enp3s0), simply edit the lines as shown.

  3. Press Ctrl-X, then Y, then key to save the file.

  4. Type:

systemctl restart networking

  1. Type to see your connection status:

nmcli device status

7. Type to ensure configuration worked:

ip a

Now you can ssh to the device with a terminal emulator or connect to the WBM with a web browser on port 9090.