Telegraf - Influx v1 output

I’m parsing Modbus/RTU data to Influx v1 in Telegraf but only want to log some of the values (the rest of them I want to stream). Does anyone know how to configure it ? Looking through the .conf file I found nothing spesific.

Are you talking about the telegraf modbus input plugin ? telegraf/plugins/inputs/modbus at master · influxdata/telegraf · GitHub
I have already use it to get PRO 2 PSU data using Modbus/TCP.
I’m not sure to understand your question ?

Yes and the RTU configuration. Default setup of this and the Influx DB you get all the modbus datapoints to Influx but I only want a few of these modbus input points logged. The others I want to configure with another Telegraf output. So the question was simply how to make a selection of what Telegraf inputs to transfer to what Telegraf outputs.

Could a filter like namepass do the trick?

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Ok I understand. Have you tried using “namepass” option of output plugin ?

It looks you can filter data for specific output based on name defined in input plugin. I guess you have to double the configuration for the modbus part.
I’ve never try it, though.

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I answered too late :slight_smile:

You’re so slow! :smiley:


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Yes perfect. I’m going to try it out!

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