Ubidots - Troubleshooting

Is there a way to troubleshoot MGTT comms with Ubidots from the Ubidots side? To be able to “see” what is coming in from the device to help figure out why something may not be working properly?

Greetings @jgovek, hope you are doing great.

About troubleshooting the communications (and incoming messages) from Ubidots end, unfortunately there isn’t a tool for such purpose.
To better help you, why don’t you share a couple screenshots of the configuration steps that you are following to setup your device to send data to Ubidots, maybe we can spot an error? (please redact any TOKEN from the screenshots).
On top of the above, do you have a way of seeing the JSON message that’s being sent? The problem with sending data to Ubidots is usually related to the format. ON that, you should note:

  • Ubidots MQTT broker only accepts numerical values (or numerical strings) as values in the JSON payload. You can look here for the accepted formats
  • Accordingly, strings or boolean values aren’t accepted by the MQTT broker

Please let us know if this was helpful for you and/or if you have any other question.
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Turnes out it was just as you mentioned; I was trying to pass a BOOL. Once i converted to a numerical STRING, it worked like a charm.

You could also use NodeRED running on a different device to publish/subscribe to the broker.