Cannot connect to Node-Red interface via port 1880 - CC100

I am trying to use Node-red on my CC100 for a scheduled API trigger, but I simply cannot reach the Node-red interface.

  • Docker is installed, functional, and running.
  • FTP and HTTP are both enabled
  • Routing → IP forwarding is enabled
  • Ensured correct clock zone and local time settings
  • DNS and are added
    The static ip address is set to and pointed to our private server.

I used the code

  docker run -d --name wago-node-red \ 
  -d --privileged=true --user=root \
  -p 1880:1880 \ 
  -v node_red_user_data:/data \ 

to install Node-red, and it seemed to be successful, because I can run ‘docker container ls’ and see the nodered container information

648c0e8cf4fd nodered/node-red “./” 2 hours ago Up 2 hours (healthy) 1880/tcp elastic_sanderson”

But when I go to my browser and enter, the connection can’t be established.

Running ifconfig returns that 59 packets are being dropped consistently, and when I run ‘docker run nodered/node-red’, it says “15 Sep 20:22:24 - [info] Server now running at

This issue is one a couple other forums online, but I haven’t seen an answer yet.
I’m pretty new to programming, so I understand keystrokes and debugging tools better than top-level concepts.


there are probably neater ways to do it, but I’ve added

--network host

to my docker run command

  docker run -d --name wago-node-red \ 
  -d --privileged=true --user=root \
  -p 1880:1880 \ 
  --network host \
  -v node_red_user_data:/data \ 
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Thank you, Bjorn!
To make this work, I first used the command

docker container prune

to remove all of my open non-running docker containers.

Then I found and copied the container ID by running

‘docker container ls’

, then ran

‘docker start (paste container id here)’

Now, I am able to access the Nodered interface.

In the future, instead of a prune-command you could do

docker stop <nodered>
docker rm -f <nodered>

Run the modified docker run command.

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Bjorn, thank you for the information, you’ve been a great help.

Further progress updates:
In this application, the project called for the PLC inside of a panel, calling api missions based on a time of day, and able to handle power outages.

For panel application:
We used an Antaira AMS-2111 as a client-bridge, and connected the CC100 to that via ethernet in order to connect to the network.

For time-based calls:
Joe Remisiewicz and Joe Polasek (Wago) were able to point me to the CronPlus module in Node-RED, used as a scheduler for Post requests, which then call missions and adjust PLC registers on a MiR robot.

For power outages:
I discovered the docker script option

‘–restart always’

and added that to the end of first line of the code snip you gave above when creating my Node-RED container.

docker run -d --name wago-node-red --restart always \

Now, when the CC100 loses power, it takes a little bit of time to boot up and then it begins running the Node-RED flow again.

These steps may be old news to most, but it has been a big breakthrough for me!
I plan on spending some more R&D time learning how to integrate the PLC I/O in Node-RED so that I can make API calls based on sensor inputs.