Node-RED stops responding on CC100 after 10-12 hours

I’ve been doing some tests running Node-RED on a CC100 following Kurts video ( Node-RED and the WAGO CC100 - YouTube )

Everything installs and runs ok for some hours - then node-RED just stops responding on the network. The container still runs and I can see inside the container log that it still communicate with the i/o on the CC100.

Any tips what could be wrong? Everything was installed on a “box fresh” cc100.

In addition to the CC100 nodes I have installed the “node-red-contrib-home-assistant-websocket”

Have you installed your container on the µSD card?
You may not have enough space in the internal flash.
Take a look to the disk space left (df -h).
If there is no space left, it might be due to the logs generated by Node-RED.
If this is the case, add the following option when creating your Node-RED container :
--log-opt max-size=10m --log-opt max-file=5

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No µSD card in use yet. Do you recommend storing the containers on a card instead of the internal storage? Is there anything special I need to do to move the container storage permanently to the card?

Will also try to limit the log size as you mention.

Thanks for the reply!

Yes I recommand using the µSD card since you will really fast use the 1.5 Go of flash available really fast.
For instance, Node-RED, based on an interpreted (not compiled) language, Node-JS, take easily hundreds of Megabytes.
Here you will find the way to move the Docker storage to the memory card : GitHub - WAGO/docker-ipk: This repo contains static linked binaries of docker ce packed in linux ipk format.
You should format it in ext4 previously but this is explained.
You should pay attention to the memory card you use. Use only industrial grade memory cards, such as WAGO 758-879/000-3108.

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Thanks! Will give that a go

Also, please ensure you are running the latest Firmware. I have not experienced the lockup issue you observed after 12 hours…

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After moving the container to a wago µSD card and reducing the Node-RED logs it has been running perfectly since yesterday so seems to have done the trick. I guess the main solution was reducing logs to not eating up all the diskspace.

But I noticed that there was a new firmware from june so I did that update this morning (was running the previous one).

I had to install docker again using your script and then just change the data directory to point to the card again. Seems like everything is working as it should.


Reducing the logs did the trick! Node-RED has been running without hickups since I did that change. Thanks for the tip and help!

I’ve marked to post with the solution :+1: