COCKPIT after copying project, error with visuelembase

I copied the PLC from the e!COCKPIT environment, compilation was successful. When loading, an error appears indicating 'visuelembase, (system). Tell me how to fix this error?

In the new project are you sure the “compiler version” and the “visualization profile” are the right one for the used firmware ?
Unless you have copy/paste in the same project ?

Everything matches, I took the controller and pressed copy and just paste it into a free cell. Everything works on the old controller.

That’s indeed weird, maybe a clean all would fix this problem.

Complete cleaning doesn’t help.

looks like an access violation, perhaps triggered by your code. Could you check your project with the POU’s for implicit checks?

The use of a Visu template could also lead to this behavior. Example: The template has an interface as Var_Input and this is not linked to a corresponding block when the template is used. If the interface is not checked for <> 0 in the Visu template, an access violation occurs when the properties are used

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I will try. But I’m sure the code is fine. I took and copied the entire controller. Before the copy, the entire controller project worked and everything was fine.

Which firmware are you now running compared to what you were using with eCockpit?

In the library manager, do you have the option to “download missing libraries?

750-8202/0040-0000 FW:22

Are you using the codesys license or the package data provided by Wago?

Are you using Codesys

Tomas, if you can update the PFC firmware to at least fw23 and use the package data provided by Wago you should have the opportunity to update the visualization library and download missing libraries in the library manager… This should clear the error.

FW, package data, and codesys are available in the Wago Download Center.

It seems to me that you do not have a handle on the situation; 8202 has been discontinued. The latest firmware is 22. There is no further support for the product.

If you are using fw22 it is important that you use the newest versions of the WAGO libs which are available in e!C. You can check via backstage view (file → project settings → project environment)

Of course I have the latest version.

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if the POU’s for implicit checks don’t help, I need to look at the project. Maybe you can upload it?