Library Issue? - Ecockpit

Hello Everyone,

I am working on a pre-built project on ecockpit and facing these build errors, is this can be because of library is not up-to date? i am clueless on how to investigate this issue.

In one of the declared variables i have this following statement which i believe might be the source of it.

oCanRx11BitStatus : WagoSysErrorBase.FbResult;

Please let me know how to approach this problem. Thanks.

You should add information about version of e!COCKPIT, device FW and PLC type you have in the project :wink:
It seems that WagoSysErrorBase is in version, which is not compatible with WagoTypesErrorBase in version
WagoSysErrorBase needs I_ResultProperties from WagoTypesErrorBase
Just choose from “Placeholders” newer version of WagoTypesErrorBase (eg