Communication error

I am using an APP to show the configuration of the CodeSys on my smartphone, with toggle buttons.
Now, yesterday I’ve done some addiional configuration in the CodeSys software on my laptop. to switch on/off new lights and that worked, but now, when I open up the app, the app continuously changes switches… all lights on, then off, then some lights, … It didn’t do that before.
I don’t see anything happening on my Wago, or in our house, so it is not switching or doing something, but it keeps notifying the app and writing wrong values?!
If I try to logon the my Wago with the IP address my Wago has, I’m getting ‘communication error’… So I cannot logon any more. I did logon yesterday, to the same IP address to setup the new parameters for the lighting in the house. After this I had to switch off the main power to do work on the electricity, and I think after that I cannot access the WAGO controller via CodeSys.
It looks like CodeSys is in a loop of some kind, but all the lights work in our house, and I don’t see anything switching on/off in our house.

I don’t know what to do now…

Which PLC are you using ? (750-891, 750-8202, other ?)
Which codesys are you using ? (Codesys 2.3, e!Cockpit. Codesys, other ?)
Also what app are you using ? (WAGO Webvisu App, other ?)
Without those it will be hard to help.