Wago plc is not communicating with the pc

im using pfc200 750-8212 wago plc . web visualization and program was running properly for 2 week. suddenly we lost the access of controller and web visu. im able to ping the ip address of controller in the pc but when i scan the device through codsys for uploading program its not showing the device.
it seems that controller continuously disconnecting. pc doesnt have any restriction issues.
what may be the reson for that?

I had this happen. Can you tell me what firmware version you are using? Apparently your program is heavily loaded. Or an optimization problem.

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FW 26

Now it is clear. Tell me the programs at what frequency do you work? Are you using SNMP protocol?

in the program im using tcp/ip protocol.

What is the survey period?
I suspect that you have a freeze. What color are the lights on the PLC? Can you connect via Ssh to the PLC itself and look at the codesys execution tasks?