Digital inputs and outputs not responding to my logic

I’m having some troubles with controlling my digital inputs and outputs, they are not changing state with my logic or when I force them in Codesys but can be controlled with Wago IO Check 3. One of my digital output channels is flashing when its meant to be on constantly even when it’s forced on. I have change the output card for a new different card but the problem stays. I have included some pictures of my digital inputs from Codesys and IO check to show the difference of what should be happening to what is happening.

Do you have a power supply module in the node? The 750-602 and 750-613 are used to supply 24v power to the “Field” side of the IO module. If the IO modules are not supplied with field power they will not work properly.

Depending on how many IO modules are on the node, the 750-613 may be needed to also supply power to the “System Supply” (power for the internal circuit of the IO module).

Here is more info on when to use a 750-602, vs a 750-613.

Info - 750 Series Power.pdf (263.7 KB)

Make sure you properly quit Control mode in I/O Check.
Also make sure there is no overlap of process image in your PLC program.

Also make sure you are using the PLC variables in your program somewhere, or you can change the IO module to “Always update variables” with bus cycle task.

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