Connecting WAGO to Amazon IOT

We are trying to connect a wago plc to an iot on amazon (we have already done it successfully on another system with a similar configuration) but this time we get this error:

The connection was lost.
Please check the broker limitations: multiple usage of Client ID, invalid

Client ID, CleanSession, QoS, Retain, …
A NP client not active
Please ensure that NTP client is activated and configured properly since it is recommended for the TLS based communication.

Can someone guide us on what we are doing wrong or what we can do to correct it?

TLS requires an accurate clock, this is the most common connection issue. Please ensure the device clock and timezone is set in the Web Based Management. Recommend NTP configuration to ensure the clock stays accurate in the future as well.

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@WagoKurt First of all, thank you very much for the response. Unfortunately the watch is perfect. The strangest thing about this situation is that we have a system with the same configuration and it works correctly. I don’t know what else I can do

Late reply here, but it sounds like you are using the same Client ID on several connections to the broker. Change the Client ID in WBM and check if that works.