Wire Wago PFC - To toggle input on ecockpit & node-red

Hello, i would like to toggle the Input 1 of the 753-430 Input module and see if it changes on the ecockpit to test the Input module. i am confused on how to taste it, i am planning to attach wire on Input-1 of the 753-430 and touching that to the power supply (24 DC). Please let me know if i am missing something or not thinking it correctly.

My end goal is to witness the Input changing on the Node-red.


Take a look to the manual of the PFC to see the power supply concept. https://www.wago.com/wagoweb/documentation/750/eng_manu/coupler_controller/m07508204_xxxxxxxx_0en.pdf
In your case only the PFC logic is powered actually.
You need also to bring the power supply to the field level (your I/O modules)
If you have only one power supply we usually bring the +24 to + and ground to -.
Then you can bridge + to 24 V and - to 0V.
Then when you bring 24V to a digital input you will see the corresponding LED lit (A for the 1st).
You should also see the digital input rising in e!COCKPIT.


Thank you very much. ! it helped