Docker / Node-RED healthcheck.js


I am running a Node-RED container in parallel to a CODESYS application on a PFC200 controller.

I am looking for some information on healthcheck.js and seeing with htop that a healthcheck.js process runs about every minute. This is causing the CPU to increase by 45% (and max at 100%). The CODESYS webvisu freezes when the healtcheck.js process is run.

Is this specific to Docker?
Is it acceptable to use --no-healthcheck to disable this? I ran my container with this flag an no longer see this process.

Here is more information:


healthcheck.js file location:

Is this the default node-red docker ? or a modified one ?
Does the freeze if for around 4s ? in that case it could be waiting for the timeout and blocking everything else.
you could uncomment the console.log lines and see in the console of the docker what happened.

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