e!COCKPIT Modbus slave configurator in/out adress


Have set up a modbus slave with the Modbus slave configurator in e!COCKPIT but having trouble finding what adress to read and write to from my third party master. The modbus datapoint in the PFC is set as Direction: In-/Output and e!COCKPIT says its Modbus adress is 32000

Exporting the slave says that I should read with function code 3 (read holding registers) and write with 6 (write single register)

I have triend reading/writing to 32000 without luck.

If i set up a modbus datapoint in the PFC to Direction: Output, e!cockpit says this has the modbus adress 0, but in my master I have to set it to read adress 30000 to actually read adress 0 in the PLC.

Any ideas what adress I should try to read/write to adress 32000 in the PFC from my master? Note that my master is not a Wago device.

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Solved it. In the master, I hade to use the adress format xxxxxx, so holding register 32000 in the PFC is read at adress 432000. Input register 0 is read at adress 300000 and so on.

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