How to reboot WAGO Basic Controller 100 remotely


There is a need to write a bash script to update PLC application in BC100. File update is easy to do via SFTP, but it would need reboot after to take effect. Any idea, how to trigger reboot remotely (without CODESYS/WAGO Ethernet Settings or WAGO I/O-CHECK)?

The controller has script called sw_reset.js in folder “A:/wbm/cplcfg/”, which is used to trigger reset in WBM, could it be called remotely somehow?

Or would it be possible to use the same protocol as WAGO I/O-CHECK uses via port 6626 to perform reset?

The task would be quite easy with Linux-based controller :slight_smile:



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Hi, you can do it with an http post and basic auth. Postman is a nice API client.
https://your_ip/SOFTWARE_RESET is the URL.



Thanks Patrick, it works perfectly :slight_smile: