Warm restart of PFC100


is it possoble to do a “warm restart” of the controller (PFC100) programatically from e!Cockpit or if not from cron job?

Yes, I believe you can do this via the e!COCKPIT/CoDeSys3.5 library/functionblock WagoAppConfigTool => FbConfigTool. This functionblock is able to remotecontrol scripts located in the Linux platform (/etc/config-tools/…), e.g. the script used to command reboot. WagoAppConfigTool also contains several premade functionblocks that are per-connected to designated scripts.

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I guess you could also create a script in the PFC with

/etc/init.d/codesys stop && /etc/init.d/codesys start

(You could add some more control here)

You can call this script from crontab

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Another Solution: Automatic Restart of the Application after Resetting from IEC Code - CODESYS FAQ - CODESYS FAQ


This seems to be what I’m looking for :+1:

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