Problem reading nested DUT array tags/variables over OPC-UA

Hi there!

Is anyone familiar with the issue where arrays with nested DUT structures are not visible under the Data Source on the client side when using OPC UA?

I’m currently using CODESYS V3.5.19.2 and FW26 as the server PFC200. For testing, I’m using the CODESYS soft PLC on my PC as the client.

Passing arrays of standard data types such as REAL, BOOL, and DINT etc works without issues.

I have also tried disabling the OPC UA server configuration via the WBM, but when I do that, I can no longer see the server PFC and get the following error message:
Could not connect to the server: opc.tcp://[ipaddress]:4840.
I tried the above since I saw in a different post that this could resolve the issue.

Below is how I have it set up.
Under the server PFC200 project, I enabled Symbol Configuration with Support OPC UA features. After performing a build, I chose the following array: (please reference img 1)

When the base data type is standard, as shown in the image, it works with no issues, and on the client side, I can see the data:(please refence img 2)

However, if I use a custom DUT structure with just a REAL and a BOOL variables nested inside of it and replace the array data type REAL with it:
(please refence img 3)

It no longer works, and I can not see this data on the client side:

(please refence img 4)

Has anyone run into this issue before and possibly resolved it?

Sorry that the pictures are all combined into one, as a new member I am only allowed to post 1 image per post.

Thank you so much in advance for any comments!

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