Tech Note: 3S Runtime with OPC UA Server

---- The following note only pertains to devices with the CODESYS target from 3S ----

When using the 3S target for the Codesys Store, the runtime has an embeded OPC UA server that is independent of the WAGO OPC UA server that is shown in the Web-Based Management.

To use the embedded OPC UA server feature, you must DISABLE the WAGO OPC UA service under WBM > Feildbus > OPC UA > Configuration.

Version shown:
CODESYS Control for PFC200 SL - v


Good evening,
I am using the 3S target on a 762-5305/8000-002.
Our OPCUA client is an instance of Ignition. We have been unable to pull in the symbol list of the TP600. We have had success with e!Cockpit in the past, but the customer wishes to now use CoDeSys.
In e!Cockpit, we had success without utilizing a certificate. Can this be done in CoDeSys? Is there any documentation I can reference for the OPCUA server pertaining to the TP600 target from 3S?

Thank you,

Hi Barron,

There is a setting in Codesys for allowing anonymous connections.

Thank you Mike! I will give this a try soon. I appreciate your feedback!