Profinet Device C3.5


does anybody now how to configure a ‘profinet device’ in C3.5?
The idea is that the PFC200 acts as profinet Device and can share some values of programm variables.


Hello NickB,
you can find the procedure in the CODESYS help at the following link PROFINET Field Device.
Only the tasks Profinet_CommunikationTask and Profinet_IOTask should be adapted accordingly.
A possible configuration for the task could be as follows:
Profinet_CommunikationTask → Priority 14, Interval 10ms
Profinet_IOTask → Priority 10, Interval 4ms (maximum value for the interval is 4ms)

Please do not use the default setting for the tasks on the PFC200.

It is best to operate Profinet in a separate subnet.
Afterwards, only the GSDML file needs to be exported. You can then make this available to your Profinet master. Command: Generate PROFINET Device from GSDML