SSH to a remote Wago PLC

Hello amigos from the community.

I am using a 750-8213/040-000 in a remote location to monitor a Natural Gas well. This PLC, fw 19, is connected to the internet via an Advantech ICR-3241 LTE router. The internet connection works great, and the PLC is connected to the Wago Cloud.

I need remote SSH to the PLC to deploy and modify containers running in the PLC.

Could you please gude me to stablish a SSH remote connection to this PLC?

This is part of my research to develop a predictive maintenance algortihm for NG well.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Carlos Pena

Hi Carlos.

Be sure that SSH is enabled on the PFC (port 22). If the PFC is on a local network behind the router then try to forward by port forwarding external port 22 to PFC ip+port 22 in the network section of the router.

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I would recommend not using a standard port for the forward, for security.

try port forwarding port 22022 to 22 for example.


You can use a service for this like JFrog.

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Thanks JC et al. I am grateful for all the answers.

I recommend JFrog Connect, following Jesse Cox’s recommendation, to remote sites.