Tech Note: IO-Link Backup & Restore on WAGO IO-Field

One of the nice features of IO-Link is that if you replace a sensor/actuator because it’s damaged or failed, the master can be configured to restore/download the internal configuration of the sensor/actuator if it is replaced with the same model (same Vendor ID & Device ID) - thus saving time and headaches.

After a sensor/actuator is initially configured with the IO-Link Configurator software or using the asynchronous data exchange (indexes and sub-indexes) of the built-in webpages, navigate to the webpage for the IO-Link device and select ‘IOL Manual’ and ‘Type compatible to device V1.1, backup and restore’. Also, make sure that the correct Vendor ID and Device ID are entered. Click ‘Apply’. A backup of the sensor/actuator configuration is then stored in the IO-Link Master.

Now, if the device is replaced, the IO-Link master automatically restores the parameters of the replaced IO-Link sensor/actuator onto the new device upon power-up.

If you have a sensor/actuator, but are unsure of the Vendor ID and the Device ID, select ‘IOL_Autostart’ mode and go to the ‘Status’ tab. The values are read directly from the IO-Link device and displayed on this screen in automatic mode.

It’s important to note that if a change is made to a sensor/actuator parameter after the device enters ‘Type compatible to device V1.1, backup and restore’ mode, it appears to change, but it is not backed up.