Active System - Internal flash problem

Hello everybody,
I was changing various configuration properties from the Web Management page for a WAGO 750-8212/025-002. I changed the Internal Flash from System 2 to System 1 (Configuration>Package Server>Active System). The state of System 1 was “good” when i Activated it, as the note indicates on the top of the page.
Once that was done, I noticed System 1 was not Active (Active: X) but it was Configured. Then i rebooted the device, and now i cant change Ethernet settings. More specifically, in the WAGO Ethernet Settings application, both IP addresses are “Not available”, and when I try to Write settings, I get an error “Service “Set Ethernet Interface Mode” failed!”.

Any idea on how to solve this problem?

This changes the boot partition to the backup RAUC partition. I am not sure what the use case is to do so. Normally, I would install an updated FW and then allow the system to use the backup partition only if that update fails.
If you can’t write settings now, you might consider doing a firmware update to get things back to the default configuration.

Thank you for your reply.
The WAGOupload software that normally allows me to update the Firmware of the device says that Updating Firmware is not supported through the COM port (USB).
Since I cannot update Ethernet settings (somehow, the MAC address reset itself to default zeroes) I cannot update the Firmware with this method.

Instead of using the .wup firmware file and the WAGOupload tool, you can use the .img firmware file. Use Win32DiskImager to put this disk image onto an SD card, and then you can boot the PFC200 from the SD card. Once booted, use the Create Image feature (on the Admin page) to copy the firmware from the SD card to the internal memory.

The problem is solved.
I wrote the Firmware Image Disc File onto a SD card and inserted in the WAGO. I then turned it on, and it automatically updated the Firmware. I read the settings using WAGO Ethernet Settings and the COM USB cable, and the MAC address was restored. It was then easy to change the Ethernet settings, and now I have access again from the Web Based Management.

Thank you very much for your help and your replies.

Be careful, the bootable SD card isn’t written automatically to the flash.
Once you will remove the SD card (and reboot) the PFC will come back to his previous state.
You need to do to copy the SD card to the flash.
You can do it in the WBM, Administration / Create Image.

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