TP600 Priorities for Touchscreen and OPCUA

Hello all,
In using multicore with the 762-5305/8000-002 I have found that on occasion, the core where a high priority task utilized for ModbusFB is occasionally pegged out. At the time this occurred at core 3 (linux core 2). I have since moved this task to another core and I have not had this issue since. I wondered if this was caused by a conflict in the OPCUA functionality.

I also had an instance where I distributed task across all four cores and the visualization would no longer load. In my testing, none of my task priorities were below 10.

I am curious if there is a linux command prompt command where I could view particular hardware/software functions and at what core they are residing on at a given time, or if there are any further details on this topic than what is attached.

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Maybe you can use htop command to see the process and on which core they are running.
To configure htop, press F2.
Check Display option / Tree view for a structured view.
Check Columns / Processor to see the CPU ID

You can know see the CPU ID

Thank you Quentin,
I’ve used htop to monitor cpu load, but not to narrow down processes. I appreciate the support.

Would you say the OPCUA and touchscreen functions are managed by Linux and distributed across all cores? Or are they static to one core?