Display SICK on TP600

Hi, I am currently working on trying to get a TP600 to display the GUI from a SICK visionary t mini.
When trying to open the GUI it keeps loading forever as if some javascript or other part of the GUI requires more than the TP600 is capable of providing.
I’ve also tried to open the GUI through a PLC using the browser element, but this results in a message saying that the request was blocked by the server.

My question is if anyone has experienced something similar and know a workaround to this problem.

You can display the Touch Panels 600 web browser development tools in order to find what’s wrong.

To activate debug mode on the Touch Panels 600 integrated browser, it must be started with the “-remote-debugging-port” option.
To do this, connect to the screen via SSH (e.g. Putty).
Edit the “/etc/script/start_webbrowser.sh” file using the nano editor (make a backup copy beforehand)

cp /etc/script/start_webbrowser.sh /etc/script/start_webbrowser.sh.save

nano /etc/script/start_webbrowser.sh

Replace the line

/usr/bin/webenginebrowser $URL &

with the following content:

/usr/bin/webenginebrowser $URL --remote-debugging-port=1080 &

It is also necessary to be able to view the various tabs in order to switch from the development tab to the page to be analyzed.
Edit the “/etc/specific/webengine/webengine.conf” file using the nano editor (make a backup copy beforehand)

cp /etc/specific/webengine/webengine.conf etc/specific/webengine/webengine.conf.save

nano /etc/specific/webengine/webengine.conf

And edit the various properties as follows:


After these changes, reboot the screen

sync reboot

It is now possible to execute the following command to display the development tools tab.

echo newtab= > /dev/webenginebrowser

In the development tab, select the page to be analyzed.
You might check the console.

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Thank you for your reply.

Trying to open the page directly from the TP doesnt provide much as far as i understand. But using the browser element within a 750-8212 PFC200 gives a security violations. Do you know if it is possible to ignore the security policy or use a different method to show the GUI?

Is the page you’re trying to open a CODESYS webvisu ?

Could you show the configuration you have made in the browser favorites of the TP600 ?

Yes, it is webvisu. The PFC has a browser element pointing towards the webserver of the camera.

OK understood, didn’t read properly your first question.
You’ll find some hints how to change the security policy of the lighttpd webserver (not really good for security)
You might try to add a favorite to the camera itself first to see if it worksfine.