I tried you set up an EthernetIP communication with a WAGO PFC200 and a FANUC robot in E!COCKPIT but unfortunately I did not succeed in achieving that. For the lack of documentation I decided to try the WAGO PFC200 plugin for CODESYS and everything worked flawlessly there.

Now I would like to be able to use the WAGO PFC200 with E!COCKPIT again but as far as I understand now the PFC200 does not run e!runtime anymore. The webserver is also a bit different than before having some CODESYS logos.

Before migrating to CODESYS I downloaded a project from E!COCKPIT with an EthernetIP Scanner license to the PFC200.

What should I do to revert back tp e!runtime and be able to use E!COCKPIT again?

How can I retrieve that license back from the PFC200?

Best Regards
Konstantin Kolev

Are you using PFC200 SL (CODESYS Store) or CODESYS runtime from WAGO ?
If you are using from PFC200 SL you can remove the CODESYS runtime from the “PFC200 Update” tab directly in CODESYS. You can also perform a firmware upgrade back to original firmware 22.

If you are using CODESYS from WAGO (>=firmware 23) you need to downgrade to firmware 22.

I would suggest anyhow switching to CODESYS runtime from WAGO.

Here you will find it :


The plugin I use is from CODESYS Store in evaluation mode - every 2 hours the PFC200 needs a restart.

I managed to revert back to E!COCKPIT by chance. I decided to look at the menu and look for some kind of revert or remove option and it was sitting there, waiting to be pressed.

A question about the second CODESYS option you described - CODESYS Runtime from WAGO. Where can I fin this CODESYS Runtime from WAGO? Is it a plugin or it is the one that can be selected from the web server?

And another question about license management - what is the procedure for retrieving a license from the controller and get it back available in E!COCKPIT?
I managed to remove an EthernetIP Scanner license using the WAGO Update Tool but I got some errors. Neither of this licenses is an EthernetIP license. Everytime I open a project in E!COCKPIT, I get this two error but I am still able to download an application to the controller. The controller SYS light is blink orange/red which indicates that an evaluation period is started for some licenses. The EthernetIP license is not on the PFC 200 now.

Best Regards
Konstantin Kolev

WAGO is moving to CODESYS as engineering tool. In the link I provided (Download center) you will find the CODESYS IDE, the runtime, the DSP, libraries, etc…

In the CODESYS option you won’t need a license anymore for EtherNet/IP or EtherCAT.

For your license issue, contact your local WAGO after sales support.