Remote update of 8212 (FW22) Controller without use of e!cockpit

Is it somehow possible to update the program on 750-8212 controller without downloading to it from e!cockpit?

I have no concerns for PVL values or other program settings of the current applications, only how to update the application to a new one?

This means:

  1. Update 8212 from 22 to a more recent one. Can be done by recording to an SD card. Starting from version 23 there will be Codesys 3.5
  2. Execution program written in eCocktip? I haven’t heard anything like that. But the method was probably useful.

This is a docker repo from Wago that has a few docker containers for FW updates.

As Tomas stated before me, you’ll need to update from E!cockpit to Codesys if you were to update the FW.

If all you are trying to do is install a new runtime project, without updating the firmware, you can do this via the WAGOupload utility or via simple FTP. If you select “boot application download” while offline in e!Cockpit, two Application files are created, and Application.crc. Copy these two files to the /home/codesys_root/PlcLogic/Application folder (without renaming them) and then restart the controller.


Web-Based Management can also be helpful for this:
PFC200 - How To Copy e!C Project Files Using WBM.pdf (117.9 KB)

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Interesting and convenient way I want to try. I understand the action steps correctly:

  1. open eCockpit in emulation mode
  2. Created two files (in what location will they be? Where is the project?)
  3. move and replace two files to the PLC controller in /home/ codesys_root /PlcLogic /Application
  4. then reboot the controller
  5. enjoy the new version?
    Correct action steps?

Hi Adam,

Thanks, I just wonder why Wago DK never told me this.

This is working perfect.

You don’t need to go in simulation, just create the boot project when you are offline. The .app and .crc are in your project folder. Make sure to rename it “Application”.

The two files will be created in the folder your project is saved in.

Remember to “Generate code” and Compile before “Boot Application Download”

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What about visualization? Will it be updated too?

Yes, the Visualization will be updated as well. It is included in the two Appplication.* files.


I tested this method with CC100 controllers. If there is no program downloaded to a controller, there is no “Application” folder existing. If I create the folder manually and upload .app and .crc files of my offline boot application to controller, I can’t get my program running. Do you know if there is something else in PFC/CC100 that the first program download in CODESYS/e!C creates and that should be changed manually? Thanks!

You might have permission issues.
Make sure the owner and rights of the folder or the Application files are set properly
Take a look to /var/log/runtime.log to see why the PLC program doesn’t run.

Hi, you need to modify the file /home/codesys_root/eRuntime.cfg on a new controller or on a new updated controller, otherwise the application will not start after the reboot.

MyApplication → Application name in the CODESYS project! Default is Application.


When the offline boot application is created, a visu folder is also created in the case of an existing visu. The content must also be copied to the controller! Otherwise, files will be missing and the visu will not be displayed correctly.

Thanks for a quick reply! I also noticed that there is this line missing in blank controllers. This makes it a bit more difficult if I have a blank controller and would like to just drag and drop files to controller to make it run my program. I found WAGOupload a convenient tool to transfer files to multiple controllers, but it doesn’t have a tool to modify eRuntime.cfg file. Do you know any other easy way to make multiple controllers running the CS/e!C programs without using the IDE?