Accessing /Media directory via Node Red within Docker

I am testing the CSV and Write File nodes to create a CSV file onto an SD card that I have placed within a 762-5305/8000-002. When I attempt to write to the directory, I get an exception stating that I do not have access to that directory.

I have my Node Red directory sitting in Docker, and Docker sitting internally in the TP600.
The SD card was formatted to EXT4. I can pull the SD file directory with FTP.

Should I attempt to place Docker onto the SD card and change my CSV file to be directed onto a folder within Docker? I am a NUBE to Docker and Node Red and would value your input.

Thanks everyone!

I have set Docker onto my SD card. I have no issues writing to and reading from a file pointed to /data/, but by doing this I have not been able to find the new file that was written using FTP. My hope was to utilize a file directory on the host for easy access of viewing outside of node red. Here is my error from the Write File node: “failed to create file: Error: EACCES: permission denied, mkdir ‘/media/My_Data’”.

From what I have found online, I need to confirm the uid number of the host with Node Red, but when I run the command “etc/passwd file” I get a return of “access denied”.

Any ideas? I also hope to be able to utilize the host file directory to send email attachments through an email node.

Thank you,

Hi there,

Just an idea, but when running your node-RED container, do you run it with extended privileges?

Docs.docker - docker run: privileged