BACnet Configurator issues with multi-controller (PFC200) CODESYS v3 application

CODESYS V3.5 SP19 Patch 2
750-8212/0000-0100: BACnet version 1.7.0

I am using multiple PFC200 BACnet controllers in a CODESYS project. It seems like the BACnet Configurator is supposed to work with multi-controller projects, as it has a tab for it in ‘Device Manager’, however, when I switch to the second Application in CODESYS and go to ‘Configure’, it gives the following error:

“The address x.x.x.x:yyyy seems to be already in use by another BACnet Configurator instance. Please close the other instance and retry, or cancel and select another IP address or port.”

The IP address in reference is not the controller IP, but rather the host IP running CODESYS. I can’t seem to get more than one controller online in the ‘Browsing & Monitoring’ tab at one time. I’ve even tried to change the host port on the second device.

The other thing that happens, is that when you select the ‘Sync to CODESYS’ button, it actually deletes your BACnet folder containing all your BACnet Objects!! Further Syncs do not recreate the database ‘BACnet’ folder.

Does anyone have any relevant experience with BACnet and CODESYS?