BACnet configurator via VPN


How can one access BACnet on the PFC200-8212 using the BACnet configurator via VPN? Are there any ports that need to be opened in the WBM?


I’ve never tried it but I think enabling the port 47808 (BAC0) should allow BACnet communication over the VPN.
But i don’t think there is any security on those port …

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I asked one of my colleagues with black belt in BACnet and he said you need to use BBMD. The PLC must be configured as BBMD and you need to register the BACnet configurator in the BBMD table. You’ll find the details how to do this on page 53 in the BACnet configurator manual.


Hello Thomas, thank you for the information. Today, I tested with the BBMD and successfully established the BACnet connection via VPN. The test report attached. Best regards. Yun
(test) BACnet über VPN mit BBMD (WAGO BACnet-Configurator).pdf (467.8 KB)


Hello, thank you for the information. Best regards. Yun

Awesome! Glad it worked out for you :slight_smile:

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