Can create new username other than admin to access WAGO Screen Touch Panel?

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I wanted to ask if we can create another username to access the WAGO Screen Touch Panel ? Because the default username password is admin and wago.

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I know for sure that the password can be changed; there are also several users. I have not heard about the creation of new ones.
You can remove authentication and the visualization will be available without a password.

Thanks for the idea. Will try on that.

For accessing the webvisu you can use
admin//your-pw to generally grant access.

If you would like to have a set granular access to certain controls , I suggest you to activate the CODESYS user-management in the Visialization-Manager.

Once activated in the project, you‘ll find additional check boxes in the visu-tool-box properties for every used element.

If I remeber correctly, there Are per default three users: admin, Operator and user.

Great! Thanks for the info. Will try.