Enabling OPC-UA Username Authentication on the BC100 FW3

With firmware revision 3, the Basic Controller 100 now supports OPC UA. However, this version does not support Anonymous logon like some other WAGO controllers.

Additionally, plain text username/password authentication is disabled by default, which may give the impression that simple authentication is not functioning. To enable it, click on the “Security Settings…” menu item under “Communication Settings… Device”.

Set “Communication Mode” to All and “AllowUserPasswordwordOnPlainText” to YES. Then Click OK. Cycle power on the controller for it to take effect.

Now, an OPC-UA client can log on using the CODESYS username and password.
For example, UA Expert client.


Nice but does the plain text mean the admin password is free to read on the network ?

Correct, that’s true for all WAGO controllers. I think the BC100 FW3 is the first controller to disable “AllowUserPasswordwordOnPlainText” by default. This method should only be used on a secure/private network. Otherwise, you should use certificates for authentication and encryption. I tested certificates on the BC100 and they work too – it’s just a little more to setup.